It appears that no matter what we do in life, we can’t escape discussing Kayne West and what recent thing he has said or done. Whether it’s about his wife, political views, or his mental health he keeps everyone talking.

Whether you like what Kanye stands for or not, his mental health is indeed important but also should not be thrown around pwhen we don’t agree with him. What I will say is, he is open about his struggles and does not care who knows. There have been a few things that has caught my attention that I want to address; there was an article about how his Bipolar disorder does not affect his children as he is safe around them. Since when does a diagnosis of Bipolar mean you are an unsafe parent?

Let me start off by saying when you have any type of illness whether it is physical or mental it affects everyone around you; your family sees the mood changes, the pain you are experiencing and the changes that occur over time. To minimize any type of illness and say it does not affect his children is a horrible stigma that needs to stop; his whole family is affected and they are being as supportive as they can

Now let’s get to the parenting piece which really pissed me off! And I quote “Kanye is fine with the kids, and there is zero worry about him being around his own children. “He adores them, and would never do anything to damage them.” – People Magazine

First of all, let’s end this stigma that parents with mental illnesses can’t parent their children that’s a LIE! Yes, depending on the severity of the illness it may affect one’s communication possibly caring for others but millions of people are awesome parents and living with a mental illness. One thing I will say is Bipolar disorder gets a bad rep, because people believe it’s all about being “hot and cold” with your emotions, yelling one minute and sweet as pie the next. Wrong!!! Let me drop some knowledge on bipolar disorder:  yes, mood swings do happen but so does increased energy where you feel like you’re a superhero, you may feel a cloud of sadness over your head for several days, or even sexually heightened. It is not automatically popping off on people! Nobody would say you can’t parent children with cancer, MS, or the flu so keep that same energy when thinking about people with a mental illness. Kanye loves his family especially his children and he should not have his parenting questioned solely based off of bipolar disorder.

I am really tired of these blogs shaming and stigmatizing mental health; that quote about Kanye was not necessary and I am going to take it back to the Black blogs as well; we are finally accepting that mental health is important in our community and daily yall stay keeping the stigmas attached to us. When are we going to be more accountable for our community? The minute someone dies by suicide we want to post the hotline number but do nothing to prevent the death from happening; we rather get likes than save lives! I’m sick of it! Stop posting everything without thinking the harm it can cause to someone; we are in a state of emergency with our community in regards to mental health.

I have many things to say about Kayne’s mental health journey and how he got to this place in his life; someone put me on their radio show and podcast and allow me to break it down so we can shut the noise down!