It’ the time of the year where the malls are full of people once again trying to find the perfect gift last minute; all flower shops are sold out of their big bears and biggest bouquet of flowers, and all restaurants are booked to capacity with reservations. While it may seem, I am talking about Valentine’s Day I am not; its Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is the one time of the year where the moms don’t cook and are spoiled rotten all day. While I can be a festive time for most, there are many who cry this day as their mother is no longer with them. It can be a sad day reminiscing about your mother, but you turn this day into honoring your mother that can recreate great memories and smiles. Everyone out there whose mother has passed, my heart is with you on this day.

Here are a few ways to get through Mother’s Day if your mother is no longer with you on this earth:

Share your memories of your mom with others.
Sitting down with your family such as your children as well and going through old photo albums or videos of your mother can be very therapeutic. For your children, as they get older they may ask more questions which can be a fun day down memory lane instead of a hopeless day.

Let go of the guilt.
I know you are probably saying “Easier said than done Patrice” but sometimes we need to read or hear this phase to realize the pressure. This is not the day to beat yourself up about you regretting not having a better relationship with your mother. I don’t care what your friends say or the pictures you see on Instagram or Facebook: there is no perfect mother and daughter relationship! Celebrate your relationship with your mother on this day instead.

Surround yourself with loved ones.
Sometimes getting together with your siblings for brunch or a dinner can bring great laughs and memories. Sometimes, joining in on your friend’s mother’s celebration can be soothing as you are able to honor other women that impact lives as well.

Losing a loved one is never easy and it’s important to have support during the most difficult times. It is important to reach out to grief counseling as going through the stages of grief can be difficult. It is also important to go through the stages of grief to help cope and heal from the loss, it can take a few times around the stages but it will make a difference in your life as long as you try.