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Patrice N. Douglas LP, LMFT, is a Licensed Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist based in Southern California, with international brand reach. Dr. Douglas specializes in many subsets of psychology, including anxiety, addiction, relationship health, and multicultural issues as well as assessment and evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD.

As a leading voice in mental health and wellness across multiple generations, Dr. Douglas focuses her life’s work on raising awareness and providing support where it’s needed most. Her worldview and understanding of Black and Brown issues have stationed Patrice as a leading expert whose words and work are referenced by such publications as SELF magazineForbesOprah Daily, and Essence.

Dr. Douglas received her Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling from California Baptist University and a PsyD in Applied Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School. Through her applied education, Dr. Douglas has consistently stayed informed about the most pressing mental health issues in society. As a prolific provider of both community and professional training, she has made significant impacts on mental health practices with her innovative workshops. Notably, she created the DSM-5 For The Culture series, a groundbreaking initiative that equips mental health professionals with the tools to better understand and address cultural nuances in diagnosis and treatment

In 2018, Dr. Douglas founded Empire Psychological Services (Formally, Empire Counseling), focusing on improving relationship health and treating depression and anxiety, with a specialized emphasis for the Black/African American community. She has become particularly noted for her work in addressing anger, which she describes as the ‘silent killer’ within this community. Dr. Douglas employs a unique approach, helping her clients transform their anger by understanding its roots and learning to express it in healthier, more constructive ways. This focus on emotional rewiring is central to her practice and public engagement.

Drawing on her extensive experience and research into the mental health challenges unique to Black men and boys, Dr. Douglas founded The Weight Room in 2022. This virtual group therapy practice is designed to specifically address the challenges these individuals face, offering care primarily by Black male therapists. Her expertise has shaped The Weight Room into a vital resource that operates across six states—California, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Texas—providing a supportive and understanding environment for healing and personal growth.

As a relatable and reliable voice of guidance, Dr. Patrice Douglas is a welcomed breath of fresh air for those seeking understanding, alignment, and emotional health. Her mission to lead people of all shapes and colors to the freedom of self-empowerment is a movement that continues to grow and create a generational impact.

Courses & Webinars

Young african american woman taking notes for her study

DSM-5: For the Culture

This course will focus on: Using the DSM-5 with the respect to minority communities’ cultural impacts. 

While the DSM provides much information to provide an adequate diagnosing, it does not cover much of the cultural components and traditions respectfully to Black and People of Color communities which in turn can lead to an incorrect diagnosis in regard to understanding trauma, religion, and what is considered abnormal behaviors.

Each community will have 8 webinars focusing on the most used diagnosis and will expand to the entire DSM in the near future.

Young handsome casual African American man thoughtfully standing in locker room

DSM-5: The Black Way

This webinar will focus on:

1. Understanding the various diagnosis in the Anxiety Disorder section of the DSM-5

2. Understanding and identifying cultural components of the Black community that may or may not be a factor in diagnosing

3. Identifying specific questions to ask during assessment to assist for diagnosing.

While this series is focused on the DSM and diagnosing, we will briefly touch on the historical context of mental health mistrust and why Black Americans tend to not seek services based on generational information.

Disappointed young african-american man at home

Anxiety & Depression

This workshop will give you the info you need about the symptoms, treatment, diet recommendations, and how to know if you need a therapist.

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